The Awards Res Publica 2023 awarded to the Sant'Egidio Community, to the Afghan artist Shamsia Hassani, to the RAI journalist Stefania Battistini and to the German Foundation Plant-for-the-Planet.

The “Civic Sense and Good Government” association reveals the winners of the sixth edition.

The VI edition of the International Award will be held on Saturday 21 October Res Publica, attributed to individuals and associations who do their utmost to promote the common good and civic sense. This year the jury awards the prestigious award to the Sant'Egidio Community of Rome for the "Peace, solidarity and inclusion" sector. For the "Journalism from the war front" sector, the prize is awarded to the RAI journalist and TG1 correspondent, Stefania Battistini. Two foreign winners were awarded: the Afghan street artist Shamsia Hassani, for the "Rights and dignity of women" sector, and the foundation Plant-for-the-Planet for the “Earth and humanity” sector. The prize Res Publica it is symbolized in a sculpture by Riccardo Cordero. The award ceremony takes place in the historic La Missione church in Mondovì Piazza (CN). 

The Jury awards the Award for the Section Peace, Solidarity and Inclusion, to the Sant'Egidio Community (Rome), Catholic-inspired movement dedicated to peace, the poor and prayer. Admirable is the effort to promote human development so that disadvantaged people, domestically and from across borders, are free to prosper and live in dignity. Counting on 70 national organizations in different continents, the Sant'Egidio Community combines, in its inspiration and action, the fundamental prerequisites of the Award: protection of others and the common good. 

The Award Rights and Dignity of Women is assigned to the Afghan artist Shamsia Hassani for the extraordinary socio-ethical framework that he has created over the years, despite the personal risks. The jury recognizes the civic value of the effort to use the form of art with the greatest impact on the public - mural paintings: an open-air artistic journey that testifies to and amplifies the profound socio-cultural beliefs that motivate the winner. With unprecedented flair, the walls of Kabul first, and from 2021 in other cities, are colored with responsible commitment, thus giving shape to the objective of promoting dignity and equality for women in an extrovert and contemporary key.

With a sense of responsibility, in some of the most difficult circumstances in the world, RAI-TG1 correspondent Stefania Battistini demonstrates commitment to research and spreading the news – even when achieving the latter is risky. The jury is pleased to award you the Prize for the Sector War journalism and news from the front. Correct information, sometimes difficult in conditions of peace, is dangerous where conflicts are ongoing. Stefania Battistini demonstrates that she accepts the risk, understands the suffering of people as well as soldiers, to recover the meaning of life even when it is broken by death and destruction. The award winner is a symbol of the fundamental principle of res publica – honest and courageous information as a common good.

The jury admires the dedication of Fondazione Plant-for-the-Planet and the founder Felix Finkbeiner, in promoting awareness about climate change and environmental harmony. The jury honors the Foundation's talent in guiding global public opinion, and especially young people, through a concrete and symbolic initiative: planting millions of trees in every country, every year. Even teenagers can help protect the Common Destiny of the Planet and Humanity: there is no better example of promotion of the res publica.

The jury is pleased to invite journalists and correspondents to the award ceremony of the 2023 Award (sixth edition), which will take place on Saturday 21 October 2023 at 4.00 pm in the Church of the Mission, in Mondovì Piazza (CN 12084).”


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To the waiting journalists of accreditation:

On behalf of the International Prize Res Publica we are pleased to invite you to the award ceremony of the 2023 Award (sixth edition), which will take place on Saturday 21 October 2023 at 4.00 pm in the Church of the Mission, in Mondovì Piazza (CN – 12084).

Counting on your professional interest and participation, we remain available for further information regarding the Premio Res Publica, the extraordinary experiences of the 2023 awardees and other information. The press release with the names and motivations of the winners will be published on Tuesday 3 October 2023 at 10:00 am.

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