The good management of Res Publica is not an abstract model of society. The responsible conduct of public affairs and private life – in the company as in the family, in public as in private – are realistic attitudes, appreciated today as in the past. But, let's be honest, increasingly rare. And not only in Italy: there is a lack of good discernment and civic behavior all over the world. Still, it's not impossible to find examples to like.

We aim precisely at this search for "nuggets in the mud": we identify people and institutions that react to today's laxity and we honor them with an internationally recognized response, in a great media appreciation.  

Starting from this assumption, the Res Publica stimulates greater interest from those governed and those who govern so that civic sense, integrity and professionalism can once again become the guidelines in the conduct of civic life, rewarding, every year, those who persist in the search for the common good.

The stimulus to recognise, honor and pursue the common good must be felt, and therefore imparted, at every level: from young people to entrepreneurs, from administrators to politicians, from ordinary citizens to high-ranking personalities. Young people, who become part of civic life from childhood, live life together over the years as a contribution to their own future and that of others: giving in order to receive, sharing in order to benefit. Entrepreneurs, while favoring their own good, do not forget that of others - employees, customers, even the environment and the world around us. Politicians and administrators protect what society has built over time: make it applicable and attractive also in the future. The ordinary citizen feels the importance of civic sense in every moment of daily life: at work, on the street, with colleagues and friends, and in family responsibilities: let's help him share experiences, efforts and results.

Ultimately, the Res Publica inspires civic sense in an initiative that can be summed up in a single concept: the good governance of public affairs belongs to everyone, for everyone, everywhere. 

"The circularity of good", a bronze sculpture by the artist Riccardo Cordero, is the recognition for the winners. In this bronze of light and informal geometry Cordero has enclosed his concept of good governance and civic sense. Born in Alba (CN- Italy) in 1942, he graduated cum laude in Sculpture at the Accademia Albertina in Turin in 1963. He followed the teaching at a Savoy Artistic High School and, later, the chair at the Turin School of Sculpture. He has created works in Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Iraq, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, the United States and since 1960 he has participated in important national and international art exhibitions. https://www.riccardocordero.it